About our company


We are experts in computer vision, neural networks, and machine learning.

We are experts in computer vision, neural networks and machine learning. Our mission is to make your images searchable.

We have built a small, exceptional team based in Tehran. We deliver image search and recognition solutions to the industries where searching images is important. We are privately owned, profitable and founder led. Our revenues are generated the old fashioned way – by our clients. 🙂


Our Culture

We are proudly self-funded and independent.
We value smarts, resilience, curiosity and experience.
We like solving real world problems and working on large scale challenges.
We are smart, hard working, progressive, supportive, curious, playful and passionate.
We love entrepreneurship and giving people chance to work on what they love and make money for life.

Choice of technology to support your work.

Fresh coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables, healthy snacks and goodies.​

We care about health and peace.

We love animals.

Board games, chess, and indeed any strategy game.

Tennis club, cycling and camping trips.

Playing an instrument.

Listening to music in office based on our moods.

We proved that we’re the best business house in America

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