We mainly focus on Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Software and Information Technology.

Our Products

NiKSi is a solution for Image Processing using Computer Vision

High performance image search for your needs

Visual Search (Mithra)

Similarity search to find relevant images and products. Tune your visual search to fit your use case.

Intelligent Video Surveillance for HSE

Uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect high risk cases .

Face Recognition​

This service has the ability to recognize faces from valid data. Therefore, it does not have the ability of liveness detection and only performs the recognition operation.

Hand Gesture Detection

Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Computer Vision.

Analyze Image Colors​

- Display a color palette for all the colors identified in image
- Color extraction works for JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs

Object Detection

The object detection service uses deep learning and is fully scalable.


A NSFW service that is available as an API and will monitor your incoming content.

Custom Features​

We train customized AI models for your needs.

Our Services

It's All About Turning Great Ideas into Your Projects

Creative Solutions and Results

Custom AI Module

- We train customized AI models for your needs.
- Design and develop high performance AI software infrastructure .


We mainly focuses on distributed Softwares, AI and IT consulting. Please tell us what you want.

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