Mithra Visual Search


Similarity search to find relevant images


Mithra Visual Search

Similarity search to find relevant images​: fast, scalable and accurate

Mithra Visual Search is a fast, scalable and accurate image search engine based on similarity, it can help users to search by input image or image URL among hosted image collections and take some result based on various similarity measurements.
Our core features are search based on similarity and search based on main colors.




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How it works

Mithra uses ML techniques to index your collection. Mithra provide a unique fingerprint for each image in your collection without using any metadata or other data associated with your images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are my collection stored?
  • Your images are stored on our obcject-storage. Access to your image collection is handled by the Mithra and only you have access to your collections.

  • What kind of images does Mithra recognize?
  • Mithra can match images that have been altered: resized, cropped, Photoshop edits, occlusions, color changes and other modifications. However, it is not optimized to work with the ‘noisy’ photos taken by mobile phones or big size , we do some modifications on your images after you uploaded on our servers.
    Now we are supports JPEG, PNG formats.